Southern California Conference has a new website using the new SimpleUpdates.com v3 system. They not only have an easy to use, updated website, but they have several custom collections, and a mobile app connected to those collections as well.

Their team has been able to stream line content into a simple-to-use website management platform that serves the public and their constituents well.




Edelman Spine and Orthopaedic Physical Therapy made a few tweaks to the Banyan theme to provide a big picture introduction of their staff to prospective patients.

The physical therapy needs of swimmers is their specialty. They use their web pages and the built-in blog option to provide informational materials for anyone interested in swimmer injury prevention and treatment.





Straight 2 the Heart needed a place for those wanting to purchase the author's book and study materials. We used the built in customization tools to modify the Organic theme. Using the Store option, web pages and the built-in blog, we were able to provide a site that allows this customer to keep up with sales and requests for study materials while on the go.





CYE is a 'clearing house' for youth focused ministries. They opted for a custom layout which utilizes Collections (customizable mini-databases) to create linked images buttons on the Home page that navigate to the various ministry sections of the site.

They also use the custom collections option to create easily maintainable lists of speakers, participants and board members.